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Northeast Ecommerce Summit

Where New England's best ecommerce brands go to learn, meet, share and be inspired.


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Portland, Maine

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Northeast Ecommerce Summit is an exclusive event. Guests represent New England’s best brands who are passionate about the quality of their product and are committed to delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. 

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About the Summit

iBec Creative hosts an exclusive live event three times a year for retail/e-commerce CEOs and Marketing Directors to mastermind and discuss strategies for tackling the so-called "Death of Retail."

It's a Meeting of The BEST Ecommerce Minds

At this full-day event attendees meet colleagues who are also focused on growing their online sales while balancing similar opportunities and challenges you have on a day to day basis. Attendees learn and share strategies for leveraging online and offline customer experience, technology and tools that create efficiencies and improve transparency, and digital marketing and advertising strategies that work.


Past Attendees


What attendees say about the Northeast Ecommerce Summit:

“I had a wonderful experience at my first Ecommerce Summit. It was great to be in the same room with individuals from such admirable local brands; and enlightening to know that a lot of us face the same problems! The intimate atmosphere of the Summit allows you to really feel comfortable with sharing your problems or asking your questions. It was a great escape from the office and a valuable learning opportunity.”

-Kelsey Wing, Marketing Manager, Thos. Moser

“Through our involvement in these Summits, we have made right-sized progress on every goal we have set for coordinating our teams, increasing our online engagement with customers and growing online revenue. The iBec team always has great information to share, but they also understand that the greatest learning happens when businesses get together and "show and tell" about the lessons they have learned peer-to-peer. This is a workshop that has something for ecommerce newbies, those with plenty of room to grow, and online experts looking to compare notes with other ecommerce wizards!”

-Kristin Frazier, Co-Owner, Wilbur’s Chocolates

“My first experience at iBec’s Ecommerce Summit was equally insightful as it was fun! Having recently joined the ecommerce community of Portland and the greater area, it was a wonderful opportunity to form connections with others in my industry. The informal yet professionally led sessions were engaging and everyone had great personal experiences and insights to contribute. I walked away with answers to questions I've had for a while, new questions to pursue, and a new level of confidence in myself and the work space I have joined. I am looking forward to attending future conferences to learn more and continue building connections with other Maine brands and the wonderful individuals who run them. “

-Kat Harling, Marketing Manager, Flowfold

“I had the opportunity of attending the Northeast Ecommerce Summit in Portland. Being a six month startup it was good to hear some of the challenges other companies were having and discuss potential solutions. We were able to take a way a few great ideas that helped steer some of our marketing and e-commerce strategies.”

-Bruce Goodrich, Forj

"iBec's Northeast Ecommerce Summit is the most useful and inspiring regional event I've attended. It's similar to multi-day conferences around the country but more intimate, practical and easier to fit into your schedule. The event is a "safe" environment to have frank discussions with peers and ask silly questions you can't ask anywhere else. It really feels like you're in a room full of teammates! Every attendee brings a unique perspective to the table and the result is incredibly engaging. I also appreciate how key iBec team members supplement the discussion with specific learnings and mini presentations."

-Luke Nielson, Owner, Best of Maine Guide

"The Northeast Ecommerce Summit is invaluable. The iBec Creative team thoughtfully engages diverse business owners by sharing relevant marketing tips and strategies for online brands. The day-long summit effortlessly encourages participants to share their positive and negative experiences. This serves as a unique community sounding board, which provides each business with direction and motivation. I look forward to more Northeast Ecommerce Summit s. It's become a powerful tool that helps propel the Amie brand!"

- Meredith Brockington, Founder of Amie, Femalenotfactory.com

“Recently, Coastal Maine Popcorn had an opportunity to attend iBec Creative’s Northeast Ecommerce Summit. We were impressed with Becky and her team as they created an atmosphere that made everyone feel at home. More importantly, the material we covered was immediately useful to us. We came away from the Summit with actionable items that we were able to execute and have even begun to see results. Interaction among the participants was another asset to the Summit, allowing us to discuss common challenges and various methods that we use in our digital marketing efforts.”

-Paul Roberts, Co-Owner, Coastal Maine Popcorn Co.

“I always look forward to iBec's Ecommerce Summits and walk away with new insights into the world of online marketing. North Spore's e-commerce business has been propelled forward by the connections made with the other online businesses we've met at the Summits, and I can honestly say that our online store wouldn't be what it is today without the tools and marketing strategies discovered at these valuable events. The iBec team leads these open format discussions with a light touch that keeps the events from feeling like a marketing opportunity for their firm. Instead, the iBec team adds valuable insight into the complexities and ever-changing nature of online marketing.”

-Matt McInnis, Co-Owner of North Spore


Hosted by Becky McKinnell, President of iBec Creative

Hosted by Becky McKinnell, President of iBec Creative

Becky's an entrepreneur who loves design and believes that building a company should be fun. Her company, iBec Creative, is a digital agency that helps ecommerce companies attract new customers and get existing customers to buy faster and more often.

How the Northeast Ecommerce Summit Started

In the summer of 2017, when Becky was researching ecommerce conferences around the country, she discovered that among the sea of digital-related groups and conferences, there is not a regional cohort of ecommerce leaders that are focused on tackling the so called "Death of Retail" challenge together.

She realized that with her circle of ecommerce leaders she already knew, she could create and share a mastermind experience for her peers....and so the Northeast Ecommerce Summit was born. The first event took place on September 29, 2017 at the Press Hotel in Portland, Maine.

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