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Northeast Ecommerce Summit

Where New England's best ecommerce brands go to learn, meet, share and be inspired.


Upcoming Summits

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Portland, Maine

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

The Northeast Ecommerce Summit is an exclusive event. Guests represent New England’s best brands who are passionate about the quality of their product and are committed to delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. 

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About the Summit

iBec Creative hosts an exclusive live event three times a year for retail/e-commerce CEOs and Marketing Directors to mastermind and discuss strategies for tackling the so-called "Death of Retail."

It's a Meeting of The BEST Ecommerce Minds

At this full-day event attendees meet colleagues who are also focused on growing their online sales while balancing similar opportunities and challenges you have on a day to day basis. Attendees learn and share strategies for leveraging online and offline customer experience, technology and tools that create efficiencies and improve transparency, and digital marketing and advertising strategies that work.


Past Attendees


What attendees say about the Northeast Ecommerce Summit:

"Thanks so much for organizing and running the event! I found the discussions very valuable and enjoyed hearing about other businesses challenges and successes." 

"Thank you again for the invite. I found it was very informative and I enjoyed your presentation."

"Thanks Becky.  It was a first class event that I thoroughly enjoyed."

"This is a great idea and thanks for taking the lead."

"Wheels are still turning from all the great discussion last week. Thanks again for making such an amazing event happen!!"


Hosted by Becky McKinnell, President of iBec Creative

Hosted by Becky McKinnell, President of iBec Creative

Becky's an entrepreneur who loves design and believes that building a company should be fun. Her company, iBec Creative, is a digital agency that helps ecommerce companies attract new customers and get existing customers to buy faster and more often.

How the Northeast Ecommerce Summit STarted

In the summer of 2017, when Becky was researching ecommerce conferences around the country, she discovered that among the sea of digital-related groups and conferences, there is not a regional cohort of ecommerce leaders that are focused on tackling the so called "Death of Retail" challenge together.

She realized that with her circle of ecommerce leaders she already knew, she could create and share a mastermind experience for her peers....and so the Northeast Ecommerce Summit was born. The first event took place on September 29, 2017 at the Press Hotel in Portland, Maine.

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